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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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Rahan AvatarThis trait is a measure of a character's phyiscal power, measures your mean physical strength--your ability to lift, carry, and cause physical harm. Strength governs how much damage one inflicts, determines how much damage he or she inflicts with hand-to-hand weapons, how much weight one can carry, and how much damage and exertion he or she can withstand before collapsing (read: how much of a lickin' one can take). Strength is useful to people who do a lot of heavy lifting or anybody likely to enter close hand-to-hand combat--so yeah, that pretty much covers everyone in Earth Special Forces--in UGoI, the latter half is pretty much the norm. Characters apt to have a high Strength include warriors, athletes, manual workers and laboerers, and soldiers. A low strength indicates either small size and body weight (cough--Dom--cough), or just a lack of exercise. Not too many gyms in medieval Europe, you know. Wee, frail, or small-body types and couch potatoes have low Strength. A person with a high Strength rating is usually larger than someone with a lower rating. Of course, there are always exceptions. 2 is the Human Average (read: James Roday), and 6 is the normal Human Max (read: Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime). Every level up is generally considered twice as strong as the last level.

Attractiveness -1: Poor: The character is below average in this attribute. You can bench press 40 lbs. Strength 1 indicates a poor physique, either a petite or flabby, sedentary person. Attributes at level one are dangerous at the big league level. In other words, attributes at level one are not flattering and are fairly incompetent. If your character has an attribute at level one, such a character is going to be pretty feeble at some things.

Attractiveness 0: Average: This is average for Human beings. You can bench press 100 lbs. Most people in any given group have attributes at this level, typically with one or two levels at one or three. Nothing wrong with being average, but the character is unlikely to shine with such attributes, unless his or her skills are so high he or she can compensate.

Attractiveness +1: Good: This is above average but not extraordinary. You can bench press 250 lbs. Strength and Constitution 3 show some athletic aptitude--somebody who works out at least three times a week (but probably just to impress chicks), or a natural athlete who has not taken time to develop his or her talent.

Attractiveness +2: Exceptional: An attribute at level 4 is well above average. You can bench 400 lbs. Very few people, perhaps one out of every ten in a random group, have one or two attributes at this level. Strength and Constitution 4 can be found only in athletes (including the best football players in a large high school or college campus), extensively trained Special Forces soldiers, and other people who spend a large and serious amount of time and effort in the weight room keeping in shape.

Attractiveness +3: Outstanding: This is the "practical" Human limit. You can bench 650 lbs. People at these levels are extraordinarily talented, able to perform complex and difficult feats with little practice. While people with attributes at level five are not "record breakers," they are among the best and the brightest. In a small or medium-sized community, only a handful have one or two attributes at this level, and they are likely to be well known for their strength, wisdom, or toughness. Cities, large college campuses, and groups of Demon fighters and elite groups of knights or warriors have more of these extraordinary individuals, but even there they are not common.


Strength Table
Ranking Character
Bean, Issuria, Kasu, Khali, Renki', Ryan,
Abby, Blackstar, Blaise, Chief, Daniel, Donavon, Eliza, Elranda, Jenn, Joesph, Kat, King, Kinji, Mercy, Misty, Raven, Reh-Bah, Scythe, Shai, Trinity,
Bo, Daerius, Freebird, Hannah, Kyla, Lance, Mike, Mike Wolf, Rahan, Sarah, Tux, Ukyo,
Briok, Edgar, Evil Jack,
Ark'ah'zahd, Dom, Fox, Ghost (formless), Kaito, Kenfu, Not, Ortion, Vent,
Piccollo, Zelgato
-2 (or more)
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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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