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Walker G. Akero
Beauregard D. Bafett

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P.S.I. Tech


This ability is the group parallel to the Contacts Quality. It shows how much influence the organization has with different aspects of society. The more Clout the crew has, the easier it is to get help, information, or equipment. This ability combines things like reputation, connections, and sheer power. Clout gives a benchmark of what the group can accomplish. It also can be used as a bonus to determine if cast members in the group can get something done through their organization. Clout is measured in levels, ranging from one to five, and is divided into four spheres of influence: Criminal, Financial, Governmental, and Supernatural. Most groups have Clout in one or two areas; only the most powerful organizations pull strings in every walk of life.

Criminal: Street Cred...

A group with Clout in this area has connections or influence in the criminal underworld. Maybe the group itself is a criminal organization, or just happens to work with a lot of criminals (thin line, sure, but it's there). Through a mixture of favors, bribers, or intimidation, the group can get criminals to provide information or services.

The group has some measure of respect from local "businessmen." Informants and other lowlifes know the group and are willing to divulge what they know . . . for the right fee (be thankful when it's only dollars).

Financial: Holding It's Own...

Money talks, and... Well, you know. A group with large bank accounts can afford to hire the best, provide the heroes with lavish expense accounts, and throw money at problems until they go away. Financial Clout represents the income and cash reserves of the group. A criminal ring gets its money the old fashioned way--stealing, cheating, and deceiving. A scientific foundation may depend on a trust fund from a wealthy sponsor, or may need to regularly apply for government grants or bank loans. Akero Investigations gets its money from paying customers (who are always depressingly thin on the ground).

Holding It's Own represents up to a million dollars in assets (a lot less in cash, though). The group has enough money to pay members a regular salary or stipend. It can cough up modest amounts of dough (up to a few thousand dollars) in case of need, and maybe as much as $100,000 in a dire emergency (and the group would be bankrupt or nearly so after such an expense). Impressive, but not so much that the big boys are even going notice.

Governmental: Connected...

This sphere covers access to government services and law enforcement. Groups at the higher levels pretty much have to be government agencies themselves--nothing stopping them from being secret government agencies, though.

Akero Investigations has some connections with local police or other authorities, and has access to a few official sources of information. The agencies know of the organization, and cooperate with it on occasion. Still, the group doesn't get a lot of slack unless it's in return for a favor or two.

Supernatural: Occultists...

This sphere of influence deals with the occult underground--Demons, undead, and practitioners of the dark arts, both on Earth and other dimensions. Supernatural Clout represents the reputation of the group, its influence in paranormal affairs, and its magical "muscle."

Akero Investigations has extensive occult knowledge, including a large collection of arcane tomes (minimum Occult Archives 3, purchased separately). Members have basic magical training. Contacts with the supernatural may include spirits or Demons who are obligated or willing to offer information.