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Walker G. Akero
Beauregard D. Bafett

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P.S.I. Tech


The one who dies with the most toys wins. The one who stays alive with the most toys gets to keep accumulating. One of the cool things about joining an organization is that you usually don't worry about where you'll get more stakes or a new sword. But there's more to it than that. You've got facilities, computers, and vehicles to go with all that sweet weaponry. Clout pays a big role here--for every level of Criminal, Financial, or Governmental Clout of the organization, one free point may be spent on Gear.


  • Laptop computer (currently Bo's computer)


  • The Orb of Ramjerin – invokes the power of the priests of Ramjerin
  • Book containing the incantation to raise the Thesulac
  • Divining Powder


  • Throw pillows
  • Air freshener


A big centrally located HQ isn't worth much if the walls are bare and the rooms empty. Got to have some stuff to fill your digs with. We're not going to be too concerned with furniture and such. It's the special stuff that really gets the blood boiling (assuming the members are not all circulation-challenged).

Computers: Basic...

A typical home computer is not much of a stretch. It goes up sharply from there. Akero Investigations is about the same as a typical office, with networked computers or terminals for every employee.

Laboratories/Research Facilities: Basic...

Sometimes you need to run blood tests and don't want to go to a lab, mainly because the blood came from a supernatural being and the critter wasn't a, er, willing donor. Akero Investigations is equipped with a basic lab facility, the kind of place where you can run blood under a microscope and perform some basic tests.

Medical Facilities: None...

A first aid kit costs nothing. After that, it costs...more.

Workshop/Repair Facilities: None...

Keeping the company ride on the street takes some amount of equipment and know-how. If the company ride is a Lear Jet, it takes even more. Also when a crazed Vampire takes out your lobby plate glass window, it's nice to have a place to organize the rebuilding.

Occult Archives: Impressive...

In the fight against the supernatural, it's not necessarily who you know that matters, it's what tomes you have access to. Characters who want to know what they are up against, or practice the dark arts, should have at least a book or two on the subject--this isn't the kind of thing you can make up as you go along, at least not if you want to live long (or keep all your body parts intact). The larger the organization's library is, the more this sphere costs.

Akero Investigations has a good collection, including some very rare tomes of hidden lore, and as many as 120 spells can be researched. Better yet, everyone can use the place and its benefits are cumulative with any personal library.

Special Training: None...

Some organizations (like Cop, Demon Hunter, and Watcher) may include special training for their members. This is the equivalent of re-upping in the Army, a full stint at the Police Academy, or some other similar years-long course of study. As a result, members have access to a special advanced training.

Training Facilities: None...

An empty room that can be used as a gym is free.

Vehicles: Company Car...

This gear is just the machinery. Storage, repair, and maintenance facilities are purchased elsewhere. Once you start dealing with a fleet of aircraft, the costs spiral like automobile insurance after a "no-fault" accident. Akero Investigations has access to a single car, functional but otherwise unremarkable. This has no cost.

Weapons: Getting Medieval...

Unlike vehicles, these bad boys come with those spiffy wall display racks that the camera loves to pan over. You also get all the supplies needed to keep the cache in good blasting, bursting, or bashing order. Akero Investigations has a nice armory of archaic weapons, everything from basic pointy sticks to Bavarian fighting picks. One point gets this done.