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Walker G. Akero
Beauregard D. Bafett

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P.S.I. Tech


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Use this number for attacks and defenses. It is composed of the character’s Dexterity, the average of his combat-oriented skills, and plus six. As the equivalent of a roll result, the Score dictates the Success Levels of an attack and thus the bonus to damage if it overcomes the target’s Dodge roll or other defenses; add those Success Levels to the base damage of the attack. So, if Vamp X’s Combat Score is 17, she has five attack Success Levels; she adds five to the damage of any attack that connects. Nasty critter. A Demon with a Combat Score 15 has a set four attack Success Levels. If his Score is greater than the Cast Member's rolled defense, his damage is four points higher than normal (before modifiers). If a skeleton’s Combat Score is 12, you know he has two attack Success Levels in any successful hit. He (it?) adds two to the damage of any attack that connects with someone’s pink parts. Note that the Combat Score encapsulates many different skills. If the Director desires an antagonist who is very good with a knife, average at dodging, and incompetent with a gun, several different Combat Scores should be created (or assigned).


Combat Score Table

Never Been Punched: With this Combat Score, a character needs to go to Full Offense or Full Defense or he'd just be a punching bag. Those with little or no physical prowess who can’t throw a punch to save their lives have Combat Scores at this level.
Average Joe Guy: This is someone who knows which end of a weapon to point towards an enemy and may have some minor combat experience or has been in a few scrapes in his/her life.
Newbie Vampire/Skeleton/Trained Person/Normal Warrior: This is the wherewithal of a low-level supernatural or a soldier, the Combat Score of your typical freshly dug Vamp or skeleton, or a normal human with some training (a beat cop, or a regular soldier).
Average Minion Vampire/Calcium Captain/Veteran Fighter: A potent supernatural or a professional pugilist or fencer. This represents a Vamp that has been out and around for a while, a Demon, a skeleton leader, or tough, well-trained Humans such as Captains and Knights (rank-and-file P.S.I. Tech goons and Stigma Commandos, for example).
Tough Veteran Vampire/Deadite/Expert Fighter: A significant supernatural threat and an elite fighter. Some of the best undead material out there--these Vamps got game! These Demons have had lots of practice swallowing souls; On the Human side, expert swordsmen and martial artists are also at this level. We are talking special ops and P.S.I. Tech special agents.
Major Lieutenant Vampire/Big Ugly/Master Fighter: Extraordinary warrior and better. Now we're talking Champion-level, Saiyajin-level proficiency and better. This is where Promised Ones ought to end up at some point, right alongside the major bad guys they fight at the finale of most Seasons. These guys are hard to beat--time to break out those Drama Points.
Boss/Yikes!: The most proficient and most dangerous are at this level. Reserve these levels for the Nameless Nameks, Sarah Garcrosses, Bos, and top villains of the setting.


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These character writeups are used with express permission from their players.
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