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Walker G. Akero
Beauregard D. Bafett

Associated Acts:
P.S.I. Tech



Esmarelda Jettiki

Character Type: Gifted Critter Type: Half-Demon Age: Unknown
Motivation: No more happy endings!
Association: House of Jettiki Concept: Profession: Retired


Life Points 40 Drama Points 7 Additional Actions 1 mental
Endurance Points 41 Speed 12 mph Essence Pool 63



Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Constitution 3
Intelligence 5
Perception 3
Willpower 6


Attractiveness +3 (2; 1 level from Half-Demon Quality)
Contacts (Community) 5 (5)
Enchanted Items (Various)
Rank (Queen) (11)
Resources (High Aristocracy) (14)


Cloak of Beasts (4)
Sorcery 8 (40)
Telekinesis (15)
Teleport (100 Miles) (4)


Covetous (Mild Ambition) (1)
Covetous (Serious Conspicuousness) (2)
Dependent (Abigail Jettiki) (2)
Mental Problems (Severe Cruelty) (2)



Acrobatics 2   Knowledge 4
Art 0   Kung Fu 2
Barter 0   Languages 0
Computers 0   Mr. Fix-It 0
Crime 0   Notice 0
Doctor 0   Occultism 4
Driving / Riding 0   Piloting 0
Getting Medieval 0   Science 0
Gun Fu 0   Sports 0
Influence 0   Wild Card 0


Various enchanted items

Useful Information

Observation: d10 + 3
Initiative: +3
Appearance: +3
Armor: +4 (Bash only)
Survival / KO: +11 / +8
Channeling Level: 8
Languages: English



Base Damage


Defense action
D4 x Strength (6)



     Evil. She made a Faustian deal to acheive her position, and now she is the avatar of her evil mentor, Damien Cross. She brooks no disobedience or questioning of her authority, and failure to remember that will cost you your life or worse. Like Blofeld, her organization does not tolerate failure either. However, when pleased, she can be almost kittenish in her affection and generous in her rewards. She also shows the merest glimpse of a sensual and sexual personality that the right person could unlock. Remember always that she is Queen in her own domain, and you had better treat her that way. 

Quote: “What is a century of time to one who knows now such thing?”


     In the realm of magical combat, her power is considerable and not to be trifled with. Her attacks are stone-based and usually involve a lot of flying slivers and shards. She can throw energy of various types which can kill, destroy, or imprison, depending on her mood and the nature of your transgression. She also has various techniques of mind control available to her. She also has plenty of servants willing to fight for her and their powers are not to be underestimated. You will have to work your way through a lot of underlings before you are honored with fighting Jettiki directly. Able to manipulate crystals of all types, usually using them as weapons. Can use a crystal ball to view distant events, teleport over cislunar distances at minimum though greater ranges are no doubt possible. Rules the Jettiki Kingdom and its inhabitants save one, who rules her.


     When she isn't sneering or enraged, she's not bad looking. As the tallest character in her kingdom, she has an elegance and grace only height can bestow. The whiteish cast to the skin and the odd eyes might take some getting used to, but neither really detracts from her beauty. Her body does have a few sharp objects scattered about, so embrace with extreme caution.


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