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There are six primary attributes under Unisystem. Strength is a measure of your character's physical power. Dexterity controls agility and reaction time. Constitution is health, endurance, and physical resistance. Intelligence is a measure of how smart your character is (big shock), Perception is how well they notice things, and Willpower is how strong their will and determination are. The topics below contain more detailed information and benchmark charts. 6 is the human maximum for an attribute, and is very rare. Anything above a 6 is stepping into supernatural territory.



Strength is…big surprise…wait for it…a measure of how strong your character is. :) Like most attributes, it's rated pretty much on a 1-5 scale, at least for ordinary people.

1: Outright Puny (Willow, Dawn)
2: Average Person (Anya, Oz, Tara, Fred, Amy Madison, Warren)
3: Fit/Athletic Person (Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Wesley)
4: Strong Person (Lorne, Drusilla)
5: Weightlifter Strength (Riley, Gunn)
6: Olympic Caliber Strength (Oz in wolf form, Kendra)
7: Low Supernatural Strength (Connor, Dracula)
8: Average Supernatural Strength (Buffy, Spike, Faith, The Master)
9: High Supernatural Strength (Angel)
10: Incredible Supernatural Strength (Adam)
15: Godlike Strength (Glorificus)

A character can generally carry weights according to the following table:

1-5: 50 lbs x Strength
6-10: 200 x (Str - 5) + 250 lbs
11-15: 500 x (Str - 10) + 1500 lbs
16-20: 1000 x (Str - 15) + 5000 lbs
21-25: 1 ton x (Str - 20) + 5 tons
26-30: 2 tons x (Str - 25) + 10 ton

This weight can be doubled for a short time; the carrying capacity is just that…how much a character can carry for a prolonged time.


Dexterity is a measure of how of how fast and agile a character is. It's used for most combat applications; from shooting guns to kicking ass. It's generally rated on a 1-5 scale, though supernaturals can exceed this.

1: Clumsy (No examples in the series)
2: Average Person (Willow, Tara)
3: Quick/Lithe Person (Xander, Anya, Oz, Dawn, Fred, Lorne, Amy Madison, Warren)
4: Agile Person (Giles, Cordelia)
5: Gymnast Dexterity (Riley, Oz in wolf form, late-season Wesley, Gunn)
6: Olympic-Caliber (Drusilla)
7: Low Supernatural Dexterity (Kendra, Dracula)
8: High Supernatural Dexterity (Spike, Angel, The Master)
9: Agile Supernatural Dexterity (Buffy, Connor, Faith, Adam)
10: Godlike Dexterity (Glorificus)


Constitution is a person's general measure of sturdiness and durability. The higher it is, the more the person can soak up. In the same way, it's used to determine how healthy a person is. People with high Constitution scores are rarely sick.

2: Average Person (Oz, Tara)
3: Resiliant Person (Willow, Giles, Anya, Dawn, Amy Madison, Warren)
4: Tough Person (Xander, Riley, Wesley, Lorne, Fred, Gunn, Cordelia)
5: Boxer Toughness (Drusilla)
6: UFC Fighter Toughness (Kendra)
7: Supernaturally Tough (Angel, Spike, Connor, Faith, Dracula)
8: High Supernatural Toughness (Buffy, The Master)
10: Near Invulnerability (Adam)
15: Godlike Toughness (Glorificus)


Intelligence is basically IQ. It's a measure of how smart a person is. Not a matter of how much they know; that's an issue of skills. Rather it is a measure of raw brain power.

2: Average Person (Xander)
3: Smart Person (Buffy, Spike, Anya, Riley, Tara, Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Lorne, Connor, Dawn, Amy Madison, Faith)
4: Prodigy (Oz, Warren, Drusilla)
5: Genius (Willow, Giles, Wesley, Kendra, Glorificus, Dracula, Adam)
6: Uncanny Intelligence (Fred, The Master)


Clueless much? Not if you've got a high perception. Perception is just that; how observant and perceptive someone is. A person with high perception can locate and spot hidden things and clues.

2: Average Person (Xander, Giles, Anya, Dawn, Warren)
3: Perceptive Person (Spike, Riley, Oz, Tara, Cordelia, Amy Madison, Willow, Kendra, Faith)
4: Very Observant Person (Buffy, Fred, Gunn, Wesley, Angel)
5: Incredibly Observant (Lorne, The Master, Glorificus, Dracula)
6: Mild Supernatural Perception (Connor, Drusilla)
7: Strong Supernatural Perception (Adam)


Willpower is that bastion of inner resolve that keeps you going even when life, the universe, the bad guys, and everything else are trying to clobber you. It's your sense of self, your determination, your grit. Run out and you end up running off to L.A. and working as a waitress. Or something.

3: Stubborn (Spike, Dawn, Lorne, Connor, Warren)
4: Very Determined (Xander, Anya, Riley, Oz, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred, Amy Madison, Kendra, Faith)
5: Great Resolve (Willow, Giles, Angel, Wesley, Tara)
6: Legendary Willpower (Buffy, The Master, Adam)
7: Mild Superhuman Willpower (Drusilla, Dracula)
8: Superhuman Willpower (Glorificus)