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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

UGoI Charter: Assassinations
Rahan AvatarWelcome to the Assassination Attempt Rules and Regulations Page. This exsists primarily for those whom either don't know how to do an Assassination Attempt (AA for short) or simply for those whom want to check is the forum is legit and follows the common (and anal) Rhy'Din Rules. The following will explain step by step how it's done.

Assassination Rules

~War AA treated separately (see War Conditions)~

Any race may be an Assassin. An Assassin may also be a Cleric (neutral or dark aligned) or a Healer or Bodyguard. AA's may occur on any UGoI land, public ((MR)) or private ((PR)) that is not designated a safe haven.  UGoI AA's may also occur on public land outside of UGoI lands provided that 1) the locale recognizes random power ((dice)) and 2) the locale is not designated by name or purpose to be OOC, including both public and private land and recruiting offices. Dual AA's are permitted, and Bodyguard(s) if present, are permitted one perception check for each assassin.

Registration and Training - Assassins must be registered with the UGoI. In order to qualify for Assassin training, one must have a minimum of d43 Battledice (1,000xp). Apprentice Assassins are not permitted to accept Contracts until training is completed. Apprentice Assassins shall train using Mock Assassination Attempts (Mock AA's) to raise their knowledge. As the Mock AA is for training purposes only, an approved contract is not necessary. There are no Contract Fees (XP) earned on a Mock AA.  In the Mock AA, 2d20 shall be used to indicate Perception.

Upon completion of the Training period, the Assassin gains the registration of Assassin and may accept Contracts.


  • Registration and Contracts - All Assassins must register with UGoI.  Somewhere in the Character Sheet ((profile)) the Assassin Registry number needs to be stated. Registry information does not need to be with the formal Forum listing.

    Persons and/or Guilds wishing to place a Contract for Assassination on someone, must register such with UGoI head assassin. Information requested must include a valid reason for the kill, vague responses will be grounds for denying the contract. Contracts founded on OOC events will not be accepted.

    Persons who file Contracts may revoke such at any time; however it is their responsibility to notify all hired assassins and the Forum President of all revocations and cancellations. Written revocations should be followed with verbal revocations whenever possible as people do not usually check personal correspondence prior to carrying out a directive.

    Approved contracts must be listed in the Character Sheet ((profile)) of participating Assassins. Only the Contract Number is required. Fees paid to each Assassin are usually 10 x Target Dice x Target Sides. Contractor must have sufficient personal finances to cover payment of the Assassin(s); however, Earned XP is Target High Dice) x's 15. An Assassin has the right to refuse a Contract.

    If a target changes his/her character sheet ((ScreenName)) between the time the Contract is issued and the time it is fulfilled, the Contract remains valid.
  • The Warning - The Assassin(s) must state on site ((no IM warnings permitted)), "Target" you have been targeted for an AA, Reg: "#". Please State Any Body Guards, Up to 3 Enhancers, and Highest Dice. You have 2 minutes.

  • Non-Recognition If the AA is not recognized (failure may include mun circumstance), the AA may be attempted again at another time.  If non-recognition occurs again, then the Target is dead, Rezz is permitted.  XP to Assassin is 50 for the Attempt. Payment is received in full.
  • Perception - The Target and up to two (2) personal Bodyguard(s) on site are entitled to 2d20 Perception Check per Assassin; two (2) points are required to detect the presence of an assassin. Reasonable time ((2 min)) must be allowed for Target response.  Target may detect an Assassin prior to his/her Bodyguard(s). Perception is taken as if the Character scores a point (16 or higher on either die) he sees the Assassin unless the Assassin is wearing a Stealth Enhancer or has a Stealth Modifier, in which case, makes him harder to see, and should be stated appropriately with the enhancers, as given a Perception Enhancer makes it easier to detect an assassin, and etc. A Target holds the right to refuse the protection offered by a Bodyguard.  If the Target detects the AA in progress (passes Perception Check), he may choose to flee.  If a Bodyguard detects the AA in progress (passes Perception Check), he may choose to flee or Intercept. (See Bodyguard Regulations).
    • Non-Recognition -If the AA is not recognized (failure may include IRL circumstance) or Target runs without making Perception Check, the AA may be attempted again at another time.  It is not permissible to state that AA's are not acceptable in the Character Sheet ((profile)) unless they do not use the Rhy'Din Dice System. If non-recognition occurs again, then the Target is Dead. Target permitted Rezz Rites.
    • If AA is recognized and Target and Bodyguard(s) fail to detect the Assassin and Target runs, then Target is dead.  Target permitted Rezz Rites. Kill goes toward XP/Money.
    • If the Target and any personal Bodyguard(s) fail to detect the Assassin, they cannot affect the AA in any way.  If Perception is failed, an Assassin may leave the scene at any time undetected.
    • If the Target and/or any personal Bodyguard(s) detect the AA in progress, only those who perceive the Assassin may affect occurrences.  The Assassin maintains initiative, including actions as a result of a successful perception; however, if Interception is called by a Bodyguard, the Assassin must deal with the guard before attempting the AA on the Target. An Assassin may leave the scene at any time.
  • Attempt - If Target and Bodyguard(s) fail to detect the Assassin, then he/she makes a single attempt on the Target using his earned dice. A perfect roll is an automatic kill. Kill points are based on UGoI BattleDice. UGoI BattleDice are the highest power ((dice)) earned from among all the Target's registered guilds or freelance.

    An Assassin may leave the scene at any time. If the Assassin leaves without succeeding, the Assassin must wait a minimum of one (1 IRL) hour before reattempting the kill. Target is permitted Rezz Rites. The process should look like this:

    Assassin: ( "Target" you have been targeted for an AA, Reg: "#". Please
    State Any Body Guards, Up to 3 Enhancers, and Highest Dice.
    You have 2 minutes.)
    Assassin: ( If you leave it is an Auto Kill)
    Target: ( " states Body Guards, 3 Enhancers, and Highest Dice " )
    Assassin: ( "states his Enhancers" )
    Assassin: (Roll 2d20 Perception, " # " points needed, you have 1 minute.)
    Target: (Rolls perception)
    Assassin: (Perception: Pass/Fail)
    Assassin: ( 0/ " # " Needed)
    Assassin: (rolls dice)
    Assassin: ( " # "/ " # " Pass/Fail)

    - If Perception Passed then enter a Death Match or Abort, Targets Choice.
    - If Assassination Attempt Fails, the enter a Death Match or Abort
    Assassins Choice.

  • Resolution - If insufficient damage is gained and the Assassin(s) have escaped, then the Target must find a Registered Healer or Registered Cleric to heal damage point for point the hits taken.  If another Assassination Attempt is attempted within 24 hours of the first failed attempt and the Target has not received healing for the first injury, then the damage is carried over and applied to the second Attempt.

    If insufficient damage is gained and the Assassin(s) have been cornered or trapped OR both parties opt to stay for resolution then the AA proceeds to a Death Match. Please note, a Target is never required to stay for a Death Match.  If this is a Dual AA, then only the Second Assassin takes part in the Resolution as the first would have moved out of range.

~*~ For Example ~*~

BladeESF: ~*~ Renki' Sar Kane, your ass has been targeted for an AA, Reg#: NP1113A02 ^.^ ~*~
BladeESF: ~*~ please state any Body Guards you got, up to 3 enhancers, and your highest dice ~*~
BladeESF: ~*~ you got 2 minutes ^^ have a nice day.. ~*~
XxRenkixX: ~Damn, sucks to be me, 4d100s UGoI/ESF/NP, no enhancers to be seen~
BladeESF: ~*~ ite man, because my pizza-delivery boy stole my tank and lightsaber, I gots nothing ~*~
BladeESF: ~*~ Please roll ya Perception (2d20) ~*~

*OnlineHost: XxRenkixX rolled 2 20-sided dice: 16 6

*From here, Renki' has the option to run out and not be killed, or make a challenge to DM the Assassin.

**OnlineHost: XxRenkixX rolled 2 20-sided dice: 1 1

**From here, Renki' is screwed, and the Assassin gets to try to take him out now

BladeESF: ~*~ you failed. ~*~
XxRenkixX: ~That sucks~
BladeESF: ~*~ 0/28 needed. (this is due to your High Dice being 4d100s, as according to the Assassin Success Chart) ~*~
 BladeESF rolled 4 100-sided dice: 37 25 15 97
BladeESF: ~*~ BladeESF rolled a total of 32 hit points ~*~
XxRenkixX: ~Shyt...over kill lately?~
BladeESF: ~*~ you have been smeared ~*~
BladeESF: ~*~ have a great day ^^ ~*~

At this point, the character is dead, and will have to be Rezzed. If the Assassin had Failed, he would have an option to challenge Renki' to a DM. An Assassin who is killed during an AA may be Rezzed.


~*~ Assassation Success Chart ~*~

2d20 -- 2d29 05 points 3d20 -- 3d29 08 points 4d20 -- 4d29 10 points
2d30 -- 2d39 06 points 3d30 -- 3d39 09 points 4d30 -- 4d39 12 points
2d40 -- 2d49 07 points 3d40 -- 3d49 10 points 4d40 -- 4d49 14 points
2d50 -- 2d59 08 points 3d50 -- 3d59 11 points 4d50 -- 4d59 16 points
2d60 -- 2d69 09 points 3d60 -- 3d69 12 points 4d60 -- 4d59 18 points
2d70 -- 2d79 10 points 3d70 -- 3d79 13 points 4d70 -- 4d79 20 points
2d80 -- 2d89 11 points 3d80 -- 3d89 14 points 4d80 -- 4d89 22 points
2d90 -- 2d99 12 points 3d90 -- 3d99 15 points 4d90 -- 4d99 24 points
2d100+ 15 points
3d100+ 21 points
4d100+ 28 points


~*~ Current People Under Contract ~*~

-currently none-
(consider your ass lucky, whomever deserves it e.e)


~*~ Assassin Contract ~*~

All Contracts are sent into the President for review

Name (and sn):
Payment Awarded to Assassin:
Reasons for Contract:
Person to Place Contract Upon (name and sn):


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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