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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

Rahan AvatarRoleplaying these days is a different beast then it used to be. People roleplay differently than they used to. All the same, the UGoI survived three generations of those roleplaying changes, starting at 1997 and tapering off to a silent death in 2003. It went from the Anime Café to the Anime Gaming, from the Anime Gaming to the world of Rhy'Din, and it still held strong. It was set to crumble at least twice in it's history, and managed to find a way to stay afloat, and I have a lot of people to thank for that. I just wish the UGoI had a revvial some day. Here's hoping!

UGoI's History

The UGoI was started in 1997, when Walker and Shai met for the first time, and through their shared interest with one another, so too did start the UGoI. It was originally made up of Walker and Shai hanging together, Shai bringing her friends (e.g. Piccollo, Mike, Reba, Jenn) , and Walker bringing his friends (e.g. Rahan, Lance, Ramza, Tux). Everyone got to know each other, and defined by their common interests, Rahan affectionately dubbed the madness that became from these people the Usual Gang of Idiots, and with the name, so began the greatness.

UGoI eventually housed an island off to the side from the growing Anime Gaming population. They didn't hold to the idea of a guild, and rather maintained that they were a family, and several friendships and relationships spawned from this move. Though they lived apart from the Anime Café community, and the Anime Gaming city, they remained in constant contact, and considered themselves citizens of such. But their personal prosperity on their own island met with two years, having nearly zero problems arising aside from the occasional enemies who would see this peace disturbed, and the occasional relationship issue that marked UGoI with family trouble.

In 1999, a war began building in the Anime Gaming community as guilds, an idea carried over from Rhy'Din, began to clash and strive for dominance among the community. A guild called The Orochi grabbed the attention of the UGoI through the investigations of Lance, and Walker, Rahan, and Piccollo all joined him, and felt it was time to return to the home land. Upon meeting Vent and his ESF guild, a small guild under the same name as a bigger guild the Orochi clashed with, and allying with his cause, Walker felt the need to dawn the name of a "guild", and what better name than the UGoI? And so they went to battle, and with it met several other people to which Walker found had the family spirit and had join.

However, relationships between the UGoI started to crumble--love started to leave the love birds on a one-sided scale. With this plus the sudden war, other things were brought into question. Not all the UGoI felt they should be involved in what the rest of Anime Gaming was doing. Some disagreed with the move of being called a guild, and others disagreed with the new breed of members being brought in from Anime Gaming. The UGoI was destined to crumble at the decisions of half the cast to leave it. The moment was double devastating when ESF leader Vent also left his ESF, breaking up the faction to leave on a journey of soul searching due to his own love having lost interest in him.

However, unexpected hope came to Walker Akero by one Bean Kenzaki, a resident friend of the ESF. Walker had always wanted him to join, but being a loner, Bean had declined until now. He'd heard the news of both factions, and told Walker not to give up. That Walker could renew the UGoI, and Bean could revive the ESF, and they could merge their factions together to make up for the loss of numbers in each guild, fortifying their name and their forces for the goal of accomplishing great good and defeating great evil. And so it was done, and Walker feeling the need to relocate, made journey to Rhy'Din itself.

A chance meeting of both members of the UGoI and the last surviving member of the DeDaMon royalty, Renki' Sar Kane, they found in heart, similar goals and wishes. At this time, Renki' was a newly appointed commander of a small, but elite army known as the Night Parade, his first contact to the New UGoI-ESF clan was the wandering Walker G Akero. They met at dagger point in a time when things were strained on the new commander. But they quickly became friends, and Renki' soon got to meet the now numerous members of the UGoI clan.

So it came to pass that the Night Parade too made union into the UGoI, and a renewed strength found birth in the strength and kindness the UGoI offered the small band. The UGoI, with their first Rhy'Din guild under their forum banner, began to expand itself on the cursed land. They moved their operations from the vacant UGoI Island to the Kingdom of DeDaMon, taken back from Alos and reinstating the rightful king of the Kane family line. By 2001, a serenity had truly begun, and the process to rebuild the lands to fullest effect had finally taken place. And perhaps with more time and faith, things would have remained that way, but it wasn't to be.

Following the short time of smooth existence, turmoil brought itself to the UGoI once more. Events of time displacement and constant absences due to saving the universe as we knew it lead to the guilds under the UGoI to grow restless with inactivity. Renki' Sar Kane, along with Walker, Rahan, and Joesph, had journeyed far to put a stop to growing powers that could threaten their very livelihood, and fell himself to the darkness he intended to destroy. With Renki's turn to the dark side, inactivity or squabbling in the ranks of the other guilds, and many of the original UGoI feeling a call to start training missions the likes of which Vent underwent, the UGoI once more reduced to a quiet, small band of heroes.

By 2003, the final remnants of the great family had gone. While Walker Akero remains, and resumes his duties as the last of the UGoI, not a single other soul from all three eras has remained, with the occaison that one might appear every rare blue moon. So we devoted this sizeable downtime to, instead, writing their stories, and seeing if that inspires anyone to reflect further upon them with a pen, or at least say hi some day. It's been five years since the last remnants tapered off into a quiet inactivity...all but Walker himself. Now it is 2008, and the UGoI is on the rise again! With the return of Rahan Akero and his wife, so too had Edgar Bellmont followed with many others in tow, and new members joined.

In more recent news, Walker Akero attempts now a resurrection of the guild by hooking up with The Fellowship of the Holy Beacon, a guild that is forumless much like Night Parade had been, and much like Night Parade's need for a forum propelled UGoI's success, so would FotHB's! Updates as they come.


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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