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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

The Legal System

Rahan AvatarGreetings and Salutations,

A note from our first Chief Justice, Renki' Sar Kane: As a note to hand, most all these laws are open to review..and be held over trial, with the understanding of extenuating circumstances. Appeal from guild to forum courts is possible, but note that the Chief Justice holds a final judgment in any affair in relation to these laws, with the exception of a 3 to 1 majority vote overtaken of him in the Council. For further understanding, explanation, review, or clarification of these laws, please contact your chief justice. If you wish to petition a new law, such should be brought before the High Council, and it shall be voted upon. Thank you, and Lord All High's blessings.

All matters of Law are matters seen to by the Board of Directors. There is no separate Court System. Members are judge and jury, and usually only the unanimous vote of the Board is final. Members are permitted to Abstain from voting.

Complaints need to be registered in writing to the Chief, Deputy-chief, and to the Complainant's Representative to the Board. Complaints may also be filed with Internal Affairs.

~*~ Recruiting ~*~

  • Recruiting for your Guild.  Application process at the discretion of the GC. Standard XP is 5. It is the responsibility of the guild to provide documents verifying XP earned from Recruiting.  If the applicant is transferring from another forum, all logs must be validated for compliance with UGoI rules.  IF the Logs are valid within UGoI guidelines then XP granted is considered earned experience and does not come from the Guild XP Bank.  If the initial XP is assigned then it is done so at the discretion of the GC and must come from the Guild XP Bank. UGoI Freelancers and members may transfer earned UGoI XP to the UGoI guild of their choice.

    • Guilds may be in any forum(s) of their choosing.  However, XP granted within UGoI must follow UGoI guidelines.
    • All new members must receive the UGoI Charter.
  • Recruiting for the Forum.  You may refer guilds or individuals to the Forum, but there is no standard XP issued for the referral, and is a process figured by the GC and the Chief.
    • Freelance Coordinator may issue UGoI XP to individuals recruiting Freelancers.
  • XP transfers from other Forums. If a new member wishes to submit Spar and XP records to be applied to UGoI XP, they may do so. However, unless a Forum is compatible with our own or has a Trade Agreement Treaty with UGoI, no unaudited XP will be transferred.
    • FotHB: 100% earned XP transferrable to UGoI.
    • TPC: 100% earned XP transferrable to UGoI set by terms of Trade Agreement.
    • Other Forums will be examined on a case to case basis.
  • Rates of transfer are applicable to both individual members and applying guilds.

~*~ Forum Census ~*~

On the first day of January, April, July and October, each member guild should submit a Roster to UGoI for the purpose of their active status. The Roster will be validated to determine if base UGoI guidelines are met, ie, if members have the proper Guild identification within their orb ((RPG profile with UGoI dice)). XP will not be granted on invalid names. Partial or whole Credit may be allowed at the discretion of the Roster Administrator.

Submitting Guilds will receive written notice of granted Guild XP at the rate of 300 XP per valid Roster name.

It is the responsibility of the GC or a designated member to track Banked XP. Dispersal of such Guild Bank XP is at the discretion of the GC and may be used to award Recruiting, Promotions, or Performance well done or in a timely manner; it may be used for payment of spies or hired personnel; or in any manner the GC deems appropriate. Gold is a personal salary ((M&W definition - fixed compensation paid regularly for services)). A Salary shall be defined as a wage paid to a particular position or for a given set of responsibilities.

Upon disbandment and/or resignation from the UGoI, all Guild salary reverts back to UGoI. In the event of a individual's unresurrected death, his/her personal earned salary may be reverted to the Guild, at the GC's discretion. In the event an individual resigns (forcibly or voluntarily) from a UGoI guild, only a 10% of the member's salary may be retained by the abandoned guild ((100 gold kept of every 1,000 gold earned)).

~*~ National Laws of Personal Conducts and Honor ~*~

1) Any sexual act committed without consent of the other party or parties in question will result in a public disembowelment, and then crucifixion. No priest nor healer may aid this individual in restoration of life, or will fall under same punishment as the offending party.

2) Any form of slavery or attempt to enslave someone is prohibited without consent of the other part, such as in a slave match. Force collaring is not a legal act, and is not considered legitimate. The offending party will be fined 10,000 gold, or serve a 3 year sentence in interment camp for such an act if found guilty in council.

3) Any request for a Release Match upon an enslaved individual, if the enslaved individual agrees to such (in fighting for his or her own place, or having someone fight in their steed) shall be granted one upon that time, in holding DeDaMonian/UGoIian, and Bushido honor codes. Failure to follow such an act will result in the automatic and immediate release in the enslaved individual.

4) All "In Forum" acts are legal, this includes, Healings, Rezzes, DMs, SMs, and AAs. Failure to accept the consequences of such is considered an act of newbreeding (Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT AN SM, DM or the like, only an AA is something you have no choice but to enjoy the pain of.). You will be banished from the Empire forever, and if attempt is made to make way back into Imperial lands, you will sentenced to death by decapitation.

5) Any act of suicide is the end of your pathetic life if it got that bad. If your "I needed attention" sorry ass wants to be rezzed, cause you got your medicine, then your case will be seen before the courts, and if such is found excusable, or reasonable cause, then you shall be granted rezz. If not, sucks to be you, peace out ^.~

6) All acts of 'Newbreeding' (Moding) will result in your exile. Any attempt to return to the lands of the Alliance, will result in your decapitation.

7) All locations listed as a haven are safe of all combat, assassinations, and the like from both this nation, and ALL other nations. Thus, it's name as a "Haven". Any act committed of violence inside a haven is more or less a gigantic welcome mat for the entire crew to come in and erase you. Essentially, you become the target of a guild-wide pervasive AA. (This excludes sparring and friendly violence.). IF the offending party survives, they become public enemy #1.

~*~ Penalties and Fines ~*~

Fine for fighting the Slave Match where the loser does not become the True Slave
500 Gold ~to all parties involved~

Fine for a Slave not putting the appropriate changes to the orb of identification. Only applicable if the Slave is the loser of a Slave Match.
Forced Collaring (FC) is illegal in UGoI.
100 Gold

Fine for fighting the Honor Match where Honor was not at stake
2,000 Gold ~to all parties involved.~

Penalty for falsifying Documents
One half of all earned UGoI Gold


In the event of fine or penalty, all UGoI guild GCs will be notified. Fines and penalties apply to all earned UGoI XP.



Greetings and Salutations,

Again, this is your first Chief Justice, Renki' Sar Kane, with an explanation of your nation's system of you can better understand how your leaders work, and where, if you find yourself being treated unfairly by an can find...well, justice.

~The Department of Internal Affairs~

Primary concern is the identification of suspected abuse of UGoI regulations. Responsibilities include investigation of charges, gathering legal evidence ((logs, rosters, etc)), and presenting cases before the Board. Although the Section Head will have one (1) vote on Council Matters, he/she may not cast a vote on cases presented to the Board by Internal Affairs.

~*~ Governing Board of Directors ~*~

Meetings are held quarterly in January, April, July and October or as needs require. Meetings may occur in Council Chambers ((PR)), by Missive Response ((e-mail)) or by Planar Communication ((IM)) as time and circumstance permit.

~*~ The Board of Directors ~*~

  • Voting Rights - Each registered guild is entitled to one (1) vote on Council matters. Each Section Chair position (Census Administrator, Dice Master, Director of Intelligence, Freelance Coordinator, Lord High Assassin, Master Healer, War Commander-in-Chief or any other proposed Section Head) is entitled to two (2) votes. A single individual on the Board may cast only one (1) vote; if an individual holds more than one voting position, the sum total of votes he/she is permitted to cast is whichever's highest.

  • Guild Representation - The Guild Representative to the UGoI Board of Directors will be the current Commanding Officer, unless he/she has appointed another guild member to do so. In the event a guild is led by more than one person, Representation will be shared by the Commanding Officers with one (1) vote expressing the majority opinion of the leadership.

  • Forum Chiefs - Primary responsibilities of the Chief and Vice-chief are to maintain order at the meetings and provide a link with the General Membership for matters requiring Board attention. It is also their responsibility to maintain a current monthly mailing list, such to inform all of Forum decisions and matters as well as receive input from the general populace. The positions of Chief and Vice-Chief confer four votes, as they created the forum to begin with.
    ~*~ Forum Chief: RahanAkero ~*~
    ~*~ Forum Chief: BladeESF ~*~
    ~*~ Deputy-Chief: BSGKing ~*~

  • Additional Members of the Board - Each Section Head (titled) is responsible for the goals of the respective section. It is permitted that a committee is formed under the leadership of the Section Head to accomplish section goals. Participation in a Committee confers no rights or priviledges on the Board. Each Section Head holds two (2) votes on Council matters. Section Heads are appointed as necessary by the Board of Directors.

    • Captain of the Guard - Maintains Roster of Registered BodyGuards. Validates records of Interception & Protective Service.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • Census Administrator - Validates names on member guild rosters to determine monthly Guild XP allotments.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • Dice Master - Audits the records and Logs of all members qualifying for d90 or above rank. Validates records and Logs of applicants transferring data from other forums. ~*~ Blackstar ~*~

    • Director of Intelligence - Validates Stolen Rosters submitted to UGoI. Provides knowledge and expertise to the General Membership in all matters of undercover work. ~*~ KylaAkero ~*~

    • Director of Internal Affairs -  Monitors the activities of the Members of the Council to insure that bylaws and regulations are being followed correctly.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • Freelance Coordinator - Maintains Roster of Freelancers. Validates Freelance XP Logs and grants appropriate XP. Maintains such documents as necessary to track individual Freelancers.  Individual Freelancers must maintain personal records of all Logs submitted for XP.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • Lord High Assassin - Maintains Roster of registered Assassins.  Approves applications for new Assassins. Approves Contracts for AA. Validates all records for Assassination both Peacetime and Wartime activities. ~*~ MiserysDesire ~*~

    • Master Healer - Provides knowledge and expertise to the General Membership in all matters of Healing and Clerical duties. Maintains Roster of registered Healers and Clerics.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • War Commander-in-Chief - Maintains War records for all guilds engaged in such.  May make recommendations for Arbitrators should that become necessary.
      ~*~ OPEN ~*~ Default:

    • Chief Justice - Is often responsible for serving as chair during private supreme court deliberations and "swearing in" high officers of state. His personal ruling is equal in weight to the rulings of any associate HC on the court. ~*~ Edgar Bellmont ~*~


~*~ Voting Power ~*~

In our forum, all matters of nationwide proportion, or change, can be brought to a council vote. This act will take place if either the Chief, or three council members, decree such is a nationwide issue. In such, the council will take to a vote, a majority of the council's vote will determine the course of action from there. In the following, will be listed the "voting power" of each position of our High Council.

To clarify such...though the Superintendent-General may only vote once on an issue, he has an equivalent of four votes. As to where, our Superintendent (read: GC) has one vote...equivalent to...well, one vote...

Superintendent-General Walker Akero ~ Four Council Votes
Superintendent-General Rahan Akero ~ Four Council Votes
Auditor-General King ~ Three Council Votes

Senior Superintendent Edgar Bellmont ~ Two Votes
Senior Superintendent Blackstar Wolf ~ Two Votes
Senior Superintendent Kyla Akero ~ Two Votes
Senior Superintendent Raven Misery ~ Two Votes

Total Council Votes (so far): 19

Council votes should fall only on the utmost important matters. Elsewise, the matter should stay within and under the commanders and Councilman or woman that it fell.

~*~ The Citizen's Vote ~*~

Once in a time, there is an issue that holds so dear with the people, that they themselves might find the High Council unfair as a whole, and therefore, take to their own vote. In such a case, the entire nation has a right to send in a vote cast. The High Council will be over-ridden on a 75% majority only...but if such occurs, the High Council will there-by be expected to abide to the people's choice. If such fails, we're not doing our jobs, and mutiny will happen...ending in the death of many HC members....


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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