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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

Creating A Character
Rahan AvatarThe Rhy'Din dice system is a ridiculously simplified version of dice-based roleplay gaming, probably based off of AD&D at some point, and just hammered down into it's current state. Most RPG systems have a system that revolves around the strengths and weaknesses of a character, with a seperate set of numbers for attacks, defenses, skills, strength, intelligence, and so on. Not Rhy'Din. Rhy'Din has lumped all of a character's ability strictly into their mortality and one, end-all be-all roll. The more XP you earn, the more that one roll grows. In that, Rhy'Din character creation is very simple, and can be chalked up to three easy steps!

Character Outline

Is the character human? - In many game settings, non-human or part-human characters may exist. Examples include: aliens, androids, cyborgs, elves, orgres, cat-people, genetically-enhanced people, human-animal hybrids, ghosts and spirits, talking animals, gods and goddesses, demons, shapechangers, vampires, and robots. This will determine how many dice you get to roll. Humans will recieve 2d, animals and half-creatures (such as half-vampires) will have 3d, and immortals, mythics, and supernaturals will have 4d.
  • Immortals including Archangels, Angels, Demi-God(desse)s, Demons, Dragons, Highlander Immortals, Spirits (ghosts, wraiths, devils, kami), Unicorns, Vampires, Were-beasts and Beast-weres are entitled to 4d racial Battledice. Race must be listed on your character sheet ((profile)).  
  • Half-Creatures including halfbreed offspring of obvious mixed heritage, ie, Beast-men, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Vampiel/Dhampir, etc., are entitled to 3d racial Battledice. This also includes beings of obvious magical nature and are more than mortal, including Elves, Faeries, Gremlins, Imps, Pegasi, Pixies, winged mortals and winged beasts.  Shapeshifters by birth, exclusive of werebeings and beings who use external means (spellcraft, amulets, etc), are also entitled to 3d racial Battledice. Beings with natural super-powers as exemplified by Sailor Moon or the X-men may be assigned 3d. Race must be listed on your character sheet ((profile)).  
  • Mortals including Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Kobolds, Goblins, etc., are entitled to 2d racial Battledice. Race must be listed on your character sheet ((profile)).
  • What defines your character? - You should decide on the character's age and sex, determine a broad archtype of his or her personality, and sketch an idea of ethnic and social background. On the other hand, it is equally important that a character have room to grow beyond your initial concept. A character that you have spent hours perfecting and detailing may quickly become stagnant and uninteresting once play begins. A good character outline usually focuses on one or two main personality traits and leaves plenty of room for you to explore and develop the character into a fully rounded personality over time. Although the starting archetype should be an integral part of the character, it should not rule all of his or her actions. At some point during the game, your pacifistic martial artist may be driven to an act of vengeance, or your angst-ridden vigilante may finally discover a cause in which to believe. As long as these developments proceed naturally from events in the game, they should be a welcome part of the role-playing experience.

    Background Details - One of the most effective ways to better visualize your character is to provide detail through your creation of a background history, a character story, a character drawing, or other unique creation (perhaps using a website, video camera, music collection, etc.). Spending time to develop your character without a rule structure will enhance your role-playing greatly, and can give the players a window into your character's motivations. This step in character creation gives you a chance to answer important character questions before game-play begins. What's his or her name? What formed his or her outlook on life? Where does he or she live? Work? Earn money? What are your character's likes? Dislikes? What about family? Friends? Romantic interests? Enemies? These details add depth to your character, but you should not become obsessed with them. Leaving room for growth can provide numerous character development opportunities during the course of the adventures.

    ~Notice to All Members of UGoI~

    By acknowledging UGoI as your forum, you agree to abide by the rules of this forum and agree to fulfill any consequences that may result from failure to comply with these said rules.

    Mission - To provide a structure for public and private betterment in accordance with justice for all races, beings and occupations. To provide a basis by which members may reflect personal experience and skill that will be recognized as such by all institutions in the realms that include but are not limited to DeDaMon and Rhy'Din.

    Experience (XP), Skill ((dice)), and Rank - UGoI uses Forum Battledice. Only your highest UGoI Guild Battledice must be listed in your character sheet ((profile)). Individual Guild listings are at the discretion of the GC. The Forum needs to be in your profile as: UGoI (battledice) (guild). This information (UGoI-dice guild) must be published in the character sheet provided to all citizens of the realms ((AOL member profile)) to be considered valid. This information may be restated in any other documentation you wish to use ((including web profiles)). If such information is not reflected in the character sheet, then all earned power is negated. If you are a priest/ess, you may wish to list such in your profile as free advertising. It is your responsibility to maintain spar records, should your xp and/or dice come into question. The recommended procedure is to use the device known as "Log Manager" and to place such produced Logs in safe-keeping. Anything submitted for XP must be logged. Logs must be submitted to your GC or whomever your GC designates for validation. It is the only way to insure honesty. Suspect Logs may be submitted to the Lords of Justice. Freelancers will submit their Logs to the Freelance Coordinator or whomever he/she designates for validation. Individual Guilds must maintain their own XP records.  The use of Battle Ranks is at the discretion of the GC. Loaning or Trading of XP is illegal between Members and/or between Guilds. Only legal Giving of experience can be considered, and must be by the GC.

    Definitions - Dice Commands for XdY are //roll-diceX-sidesY or //roll-sidesY-diceX; Acceptable for 2dY is //roll-sides.
    • IRL or irl: means literally "in real life" more a technical grace referring to mun time or reality. All durations and penalties are referenced to mun time.
    • Orb of identification/Life Scroll: Technical graces referring to the profile.
    • SID's: an abbreviation of Selfies-Instants-Doubles as defined below:
      • Selfies: a die roll of "1" means damage on yourself rather than on your opponent.
      • Instants: rolling the sides mentioned in Terms as Doubles means an Instant Win.
      • Doubles: a roll of Doubles permits a second Turn.
    • Die and Side Sharing: Basically an average of dice and/or sides rounded down to generate Even Dice or dice with a reduced spread.
      Example: 4d20 vs 3d80 vs 2d50
      (4+3+2)/3=3 & (20+80+50)/3=50  
      Even Dice is 3d50
      • Shared dice/sides within a spar or battle will be valid as long as the sum of the dice and sides used is less than or equal to the sum of the stated dice and sides.
        In the above example, 2d45 3d50 3d55 would also be acceptable because (45+50+55) = (20+80+50) & (2+3+3) < (2+3+4)

    Character Sheet ((AOL Member Profile)) - Your character sheet must reflect the physical person represented. All UGoI registry information must be listed, including "UGoI", highest UGoI battledice, Assassin registry, Bodyguard registry, Cleric or Healer registry and UGoI registered Guild or Freelance information. If a member has been resurrected, the number of rezz must also be listed. It is not permissible to state "only UGoI AA's accepted". UGoI requirements may be also listed in any other documentation a member wishes ((including webprofiles)); however, the above must be listed on the public character sheet ((AOL Member Profile)) or all earned power is negated.


    Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
    Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

    1997-2007 UGoI-ESF by Walker Pennington and Peter Molski. Brought to you by UGoI, Yahoo! Geocities, and Pepsi, the unofficial sponsor of the UGoI.