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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

UGoI Charter: Bodyguards
Rahan AvatarA bodyguard (or "close protection officer") is a type of security guard or government agent who protects a person from assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information, or other threats. W hile one of the more basic functions in the guild, it's also one of the most respected. Being a bodyguard means you are there for your fellow man (or woman) in times of strife and uncertainty. You are the pillar they'll lean on for their safety. It's the basis of what the UGoI stands for.

Protective Services

Bodyguards - Any race may be Bodyguard. Bodyguards may also be registered as Assassin, Healer or Cleric. Earning situational XP, Bodyguards must have a minimum of d43 Battledice (1,000xp) and must be registered with the UGoI Captain of the Guard (Registration application may be found Here).

The Bodyguard Registry number (BG0000) needs to be stated somewhere in the Character Sheet ((profile)). Registry information does not need to be with the formal Forum listing. Registry information is stated in lieu of listing all protected personnel, ie, you don't need to list everyone you are bodyguard to if you are registered as a UGoI Bodyguard. Unregistered Bodyguards must list all protected personnel.

Example: BG to JoeShmoe, ImaTarget, XYZ guild

Bodyguards & non-AA situations - When employed to deal with non-AA situations, such as Tavern Bouncer, a Bodyguard should explore all possible non-violent avenues prior to the application of brute force. ((Roleplay situations out; throwing dice around impresses no one.)) Quest and Daily Living XP may be earned from non-AA situations, be sure to save personal records ((logs)) of the event.

Bodyguards & AA's - When there is a threat of attack, the Bodyguard stands ready and active to defend his/her employer. The employer's name must be in the Bodyguard's Character Sheet ((profile)). An employer holds the right to refuse the protection offered by a Bodyguard.  A Targeted employer is limited to two (2) Bodyguards on site.

  • Perception - The Target and any Bodyguard(s) use 2d20.  A failed Perception prevents the Bodyguard from affecting any part of the AA. If the Perception is successful, the Bodyguard may choose to flee or Intercept.

  • Interception - Bodyguard must state "Interception". In effect, this means the Bodyguard is placing his/her own body between the Assassin and the Target, pushing the Target out of the way. Once Interception has begun, the Target knows there is an AA in progress and may flee at any time, regardless of whether he/she perceived trouble.

    If the Assassin chooses not to flee, the Assassin must deal with the Bodyguard first in similar fashion.


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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