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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

War Conventions

Rahan AvatarWar is any large scale, violent conflict. War grew from the almost universal tribal warfare that has occurred throughout history, to wars between city states, nations, or empires. A group of combatants and their support is called an army on land, a navy at sea. Wars may be prosecuted simultaneously in one or more different theatres. Within each theater, there may be one or more consecutive military campaigns. A military campaign includes not only fighting but also intelligence, troop movements, supplies, propaganda, and other components. Continuous conflict is traditionally called a battle, although this terminology is not always applied to conflicts involving aircraft, missiles or bombs alone, in the absence of ground troops or naval forces. A civil war is the use of force to resolve internal differences.

The UGoI's sole purpose in Rhy'Din is not the typical "wipe out the evil" or "destroy all the darkness" point of view, but it has come up. We strive to provide a friendly environment and originality for those who seek it, but Rhy'Din is so full of those who insist on using force and wrongdoing for their own corruptive needs. When the UGoI fully became a guild, it did so to fight off the corruption of the Orochi, and this foundation of righting wrongs and triumphing over evil carried through from the ESF and the Night Parade as well. That being said, the UGoI aren't trouble-makers, in fact they're trouble-breakers. While they uphold good and honor, they don't go out of their way to start great war campaigns... At least, not often. However, there are times when a guild in the forum, or the forum themselves, may find themselves at war.


War Conditions

Declaration of War against parties outside the UGoI-ESF is permitted but not encouraged, without honorable intentions. Parties doing so are urged to follow all UGoI War Conventions; however, UGoI XP will not be granted on the endeavor on just starting a war.

  • Declaration of War - A guild declaring War on another guild must state such in a Declaration of War filed with UGoI War Commander-in-Chief (CiC) and the GC and/or GSiC of the enemy Guild. It must state the reasons for going to war, such as lands ((MR & PR)), Honor, Titles, etc. It is illegal to War to simply to gain experience (XP).  The Declaration must state proferred Terms of Battle.
  • Response - A guild receiving the Declaration reserves the right to refuse. If such occurs, a third party must be agreed upon to negotiate a reasonable settlement.  A Response to War must be filed with the UGoI War CiC and the GC and/or GSiC of the enemy guild. The Response must state Acceptance or Denial of War. If War is acceptable then Modifications of the Terms may be stated or Terms may be accepted as Proferred. If War is not acceptable, up to three (3) Arbitrators may be recommended.
  • Terms of War - if War is acceptable, then Terms are Finalized when both GC's agree to Terms.  Terms ought to include DM battle terms (guild dice, even dice, side limits, limitations on when an RM can be fought etc), Victory Terms (death/PoW of GC/GSiC, criteria, surrender, etc), and specifically name all War Zones ((PR & MR)). However, it is understandable if the there are no terms agreed upon at all for the War to go forward. It is, after all, War, and not ballet. If a private or public land is not named as a War Zone, then it is automatically Neutral Territory.  Terms of War must be filed with UGoI War CiC. If War is not acceptable, then an Arbitrator must be agreed upon and negotiations settled between guilds.
  • Battle - War Matches are usually DM's. All Matches must be Proctored. Only AA's do not  require an additional Witness. PoW Rites to Winner(s). If one of ours is executed under PoW, both the GC issuing the command and the Executioner become War Criminals and AA's may be issued on them. All such accusations must be recorded and filed with UGoI War  Commander-in-Chief.  Standard Healer's Rules apply to all War Matches. Ghosts do not require Healing.  All Matches must be recorded (Logged).
    • Prisoner of War (PoW) - If a loser is granted PoW, then he/she legally remains a prisoner for 1 day per each point of loss.  In the Mass Battle, point of loss is calculated between the prisoner's final damage and the lowest winner's damage.  A Prisoner of War (PoW) must place "PoW (guild)(duration)" in his/her orb of identification ((profile)). PoW's may proctor or Heal at the discretion of the guild keeping them. PoW's may not do battle of any kind including the Friendly Spar until Freed by expired duration or RM.
    • Ghost - If a loser is killed during War, then he/she becomes Ghost until the end of the War at which time he/she is granted Ressurection (Rezz). Yes, this means a war death is real.  A Ghost must place "Ghost (guild)" in his/her orb of identification ((profile)). Ghosts may Witness only. Ghosts do not require Healing.
    • In the event that a participant refuses a recorded ((logged)) challenge to match of War, the first such Refusal shall be excused. The second such Refusal results in the participant reduced to PoW status for a minimum of seven (7) days. An RM may be fought after 72 hours. Terms of Refusal may be amended in the agreed upon Terms of War filed with the War CiC.
    • All Non-Combatives must be defined and listed prior to the initiation of Battle. Participants found to claim Non-Combative after the Battle has begun are classified as Refusing and are party to the Refusal codes listed in the previous paragraph..
  • Victory Assessment - The War is ended when the Terms of War are met or one of the guilds surrenders to the other. Earned XP is considered Spoils of War.

~*~ War Death Match~*~

Match must be Proctored and Witnessed (1) and held in a War Zone. Witness may be PoW or Ghost. PoW Rights to Winner; Loser is PoW or Ghost.  XP is granted on 15 times the highest dice.

~*~ War Release Match~*~

Match must be Proctored and Witnessed (1) and held in a War Zone. Witness may be PoW or Ghost. XP is granted on 15 times the highest dice.

*~ War Mass Battle or Mass DM~*~

Match must be Proctored and Witnessed (1) and held in a War Zone. Witness may be PoW or Ghost. Even Dice must be used.  Teams must be used.  Even teams and uneven teams are permitted.Split Attacks (s/a) are permitted. PoW Rights to Winner(s).  XP is granted on 15 times sides used.

~*~ War Assassination Attempt~*~

Wartime AA's follow all procedures and conditions that Peacetime AA's (see Assassinations) with the following exceptions:

AA's may occur in any public place ((MR)) and in any private land ((PR)) designated as a War Zone. AA's may not legally take place in designated Neutral Ones ((PR & MR)). Bodyguards must already be present in the room to affect an Assassination Attempt. There are no PoW's taken an the AA. If the AA is successful then the victim is a Ghost until the end of the War, then granted Ressurection. Assassin is proctor.

  • Registration and Contracts:  Contract number for the War is issued by the War Commander-in-Chief.  It must be listed in the Orb of Identification ((profile)) of each Assassin participating in the War.

  • Attempt: Hits to kill are based on participants (Assassin(s), Bodyguard(s), Target) Battledice.

Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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