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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon


Rahan AvatarThe UGoI forum exists specifically to be an environment that upholds originality crazy fun, fellowship and family, and justice and honor, over absolutely everything else. We aren't here to see how many reports one can give, we aren't here to scream and cry if you're not sparring every week, we're not here to be militant or political. We're here to have fun, and to remember that this is still just a game. We'll assign someone to the position of "Forum Validators" to make sure no one is claiming our forum that shouldn't be, but in the mean time, if it isn't listed here, it isn't UGoI.


Guilds in the UGoI

Below are the records of UGoI guilds past and present, organized by founding dates. E-mail-links give the current screen names of the person in question, and not the screen names they used to start the guild, e.g. Walker started UGoI under "Anime300", but he now is played on the "BladeESF", so the link will take you to "BladeESF." If, for some reason, they no longer have a screen name, the link will take you to the last screen name known. Here is quick guide to table!
Guild - Original name of guild.
Started In - What was the year of the guild's founding.
Started by - The names of those who started the guild.
Currently Runs - The names of those who currently run the guild.
Members - How many members there are.
Divisionss - How many divisions operate in the guild.
Purpose - A brief explaination concerning their intended purpose, defined and written by the guild leaders.


Started In

Started By

Currently Runs








Walker Akero

Walker Akero
Rahan Akero



This Usual Gang of Idiots is the original guild that started before even the forum. In fact, the forum was created because Rhy'Din--as a rule system--claimed they could no longer be a guild until they had a forum. So? They made their own, under the same name, so that their guild can go on existing. UGoI exists as a guild seeking to have fun and provide a friendly environment while simultaniously acting as the forum's police bureau to enforce the law and to effect public and social order through the legitimate use of force.

The Earth Special Forcess was another guild entirely that merged with the UGoI after both guilds found that they had everything in common. The ESF part of the guild became the "elite" of the law enforcement--kind of like their version of S.W.A.T. When there is an emergency that ordinary UGoI patrol officers may not be able to handle, ESF officers are called to deal with it. ESF teams generally specialize with in dealing with barricaded suspects and heavy-duty arrests.

Night Parade was a third guild that merged with UGoI that was originally under UGoI's forum, only to merge a year later. Then Night Parade became the name for the ESF's tank battalion formed to deal with the depredations of the DSW and other well-equipped super-criminals. Essentially, they are a super ESF team that uses military grade force to deal with extraordinary threats to public safety.



Orin DeBois

Fox Zandar



Fellowship of the Holy Beacon's purpose in Rhy'Din is not the typical "wipe out the evil" or "destroy all the darkness" and the like. We only strive to provide a friendly environment and living space for those who seek it. Rhydin is so full of those who insist on using force and violence to solve everything, and we hopefully are a breath of fresh air in that smog of violence. Exactly as UGoI has it, minus it's policing.

We seek to have fun, always pushing for new and original contests, always expanding our newsletter with bigger and better things, and throwing around graphics you can't find anywhere else. This guild is about having fun and doing things, having things, that you can't find in any other guild in Rhydin. From what I've come to understand, this holds true, as the members have commented on it themselves many times, and we're always pushing to be better.



Edgar Bellmont

*Defunct 1999*



We of the Knights have no one castle or capitol, no place where we stand alone and in power. Our fortress is each other. Our territory and kingdom wheresoever we plant our feet and say, "I stand here for honor and justice. And no threat nor wrong shall sway me nor stand before me and survive. And no innocent shall be harmed, nor defenseless one attacked in my sight while I yet survive. I stand proud as a Knight-Protector." 



Ryan Moonstar
Issuria Moonstar

*Defunct 2007*



Royal Mages of Azin is founded to help all "Wanders of Rhydin". Unlike its sister Guild, SoA, ( ^Soliders of Azin^: Truly Warlike in the Ways of Azin ), RMoA goes for a form of Diplomacy instead of outright War. Ruled by a Three-fold High Council, not many can claim a greater Guild and not be lying.

The Mages are a Guild that runs with mostly magic users, although there are some positions for other classes: i.e. Fighters, Assassains, Priests/Priestesses, etc. RMoA accept all Classes and Races, as well as Mages. They need only swear their oaths and promise to serve and protect the Followers and The Guild with their lives.

The whole purpose of RMoA is to bring people together in the face of injustices that are all around. I walk down the street and see more and more killers and rapists, swindlers and thieves everyday. I am here to say that it needs to be stopped.



Edgar Bellmont
Orion Bellmont

*Defunct 2002*



In the old days, Vampires hid in the shadows, werewolves on the night of the full moon, and evil crept along in darkness, swallowing the light when it could and retreating when the inferno of goodness chased it off into the gloom. Now in Rhy'Din, things seem to have changed. Isolated goodness barely glimmers in a sea of darkness, covered over and shot through with corruption, false friends, manipulation...

The House of Bellmont first came to Rhy'Din with its then lone member, Edgar, who looked at the realm and knew "Something must be done." With his newfound friends and brothers, he set out to make it a place worthy of its once great reputation. Long did he work with the Night Parade, Kingdom of SilverMyst, and Circle of Justice to this end. And now, with the help of his new family, formed the House of Bellmont, out of the desire to strike evil harshly, back into the shadows where it belongs.

Let the shadows quail in fear. We, the Bellmonts, will never stand down before them again.



Blackstar Wolf

*Defunct 2001*



Creatures of the Silver Moon was a pack/family based guild, meant to be more of what UGoI was back in the day...a family of friends. It wasn't around very long, but it was easily memorable, and may make a return once UGoI gets back onto it's feet fully again.



Monique Beaux
Edgar Bellmont

*Defunct 2000*



BladeESF:  By the way man
This is going back a ways..
But do you remember anything about that guild called SoRNR you were co-GC to?
Edgar Bellmont: 
o.x I'm not even sure which one that was.. Was that Mike's?
No haha that was RMoA
SoRNR was started somewhere in 2000...had you and LadyHarbringerXX as the Guild Commanders
Edgar Bellmont:  Huh.. I vaguely recall that name, but my brain draws a blank.
Edgar Bellmontt:  I blame all the fucking sleep deprivation x.x
BladeESF: The reason why I ask you is because I'm right next to you
BladeESF: I don't remember shit about this guild.
BladeESF: They were obviously around, I have their rosters in my favorite places, sure as shit
BladeESF:'s all just a total blank man
Edgar Bellmont: x.o lol I may have been made Co-GC without my knowledge or some shit. Or maybe there was a general mindwipe? Stupid Technocs.
BladeESF: And while I recognize the SN of LadyHarbringerXX, it's only vague, and I know nothing of her character Lady Monique La Beaux.
Edgar Bellmont: Monique La Beaux.. That sounds real vaguely familiar x.x
BladeESF: Hahaha
BladeESF: Should'a guessed them technocrats would be behind this
Edgar Bellmont: >.> Yeah, stupid bastards.

Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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