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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

UGoI-ESF? What's that?

Rahan AvatarThe UGoI-ESF is a family of friends brought to the fold in early 1997. While mainly a roleplaying group (like D&D stuff), our membership is country-wide and has caused a lot of us to meet and make bonds in the real world. It existed from the year 1997 to now, with rises and falls from one format to the next. Now it's 2008, and a resurgance of that group has taken place with the most unlikely of members from several eras, and as it happens, we're also going to bring back the roleplaying aspect of our crew to America Online, where it all began.

The UGoI-ESF is lumped under the term "guild", but they really aren't much like one. While the usual definition for a guild is an association of craftspeople in a particular business, most "guilds" involved in the world of Rhy'Din are of a political nature, a militant nature, or both. The word "guild" is meant to convey an army in this world, supporting their "forum" which is the Rhy'Din terminology to mean "kingdom" or quite similar. The UGoI were originally a "family of friends," refusing to hail under the title of "Guild" until Walker made their guildship official in order to tag-team with the ESF and go head to head with the then-notorious Orochi guild. Since then, Walker upgraded it all to it's own forum, which is where you are today.

The UGoI is forum in a very untraditional sense, in that they uphold fellowship and family over military might and political savvy, although they have those in spades as well. They exist on multiple platforms of roleplaying, neither bound to dice, nor are they bound to merely Rhy'Din's, as many are gladly fluent in other systems such as D20, FASA, WEG, Tri-Stat, UniSystem, and much much more. It is a forum that prides itself on individualism and wackiness, and also upholds the power of honor and freedom. With this completely in mind, we welcome you to our family and council. Honor be all, family be all, friendship be all. Brought to you by UGoI and Pepsi, the unofficial sponsor of the UGoI.


The Story of the UGoI

To the he lands of the West, past the Kelton Forests that once marked the boards of a great empire, to the desert sea, lain the remnants of DeDaMon. A land torn by war and destruction, now slowly in a process to be reborn. Though it's rising phoenix would come from a place those whom dwell in this desert land would have never imagined.

On what most would see as the other side of the world, while the wars in DeDaMon still burned hot, and a man named Alos wrecked havoc upon them, a place of serenity was coming under it's own fall. A land known to the residents as 'Anime Gaming', held off the far eastern shores, past the mountain ranges of TaBain and set to the Calakan Sea, a storm was brewing. For a time then, a clan known as the UGoI, or Usual Gang of Idiots, an endearing name for a long time group of friends turned family, were faced with their own lands to protect. In a short time, several clans had taken rise against the UGoI, though held separate in their affairs, all had the same intent of claiming a land free to their own rule. At the time, the clan numbered in a small ten members, but in against impossible odds, and with a bit of fate to their backs, they subdued their foes, and kept the lands safe. But the wars that began springing through these lands had left a once paradise asunder, and those of the UGoI clan took towards the open space of the world, in search of adventure, and evil to conquer.

As past in this time, DeDaMon had fallen in it's war to it's tormenter, Lord Cameron Alos. Those forces that fought against his conquest had been slain, or forced into hiding, strewed across the lands. Eventually, they found lives of their own, but fate would bring two phoenixes together, in the mark of the UGoI and the fallen DeDaMon Empire.

A chance meeting of both members of the UGoI and the last surviving member of the DeDaMon royalty, Renki' Sar Kane, they found in heart similar goals and wishes. At this time, Renki' was a newly appointed commander of a small, but elite army known as the Night Parade, his first contact to the UGoI/ESF clan was a man named Walker G Akero. They met at dagger point (Ren's to Walker's, they laugh about it now.) in a time when things were strained on the new commander. But they quickly became friends, and Renki' soon got to meet the now numerous members of the UGoI clan. So it came to pass that the Night Parade too made union into the UGoI, and a renewed strength found birth in the strength and kindness the UGoI offered the small band.

Through the years, they took on many struggles, and many challenges. All have stories to tell, all so long they'd never find justice here, nor could I do them such justice. In time, Alos was dethroned, and executed, and DeDaMon once more was recaptured, and thus now where stands the capital of the UGoI/ESF/NP's base of operations to this day, in the old Castle Lacross, though it's rare to find many of the members there, as even the highest in rank still hold as adventures and free spirits.

Through their tribulations, rises and slumps, the UGoI/ESF/NP has held strong, and expanded their lands farther in unity, diplomacy, and conquest. A council of fifteen resides in rule over these kingdoms, where each kingdom holds their own representation to the council. But all those things will be explained in their proper place, in their proper time, until then, welcome to the lands of the UGoI/ESF/NP Alliance, and please take to enjoyment of your stay.


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

1997-2007 UGoI-ESF by Walker Pennington and Peter Molski. Brought to you by UGoI, Yahoo! Geocities, and Pepsi, the unofficial sponsor of the UGoI.