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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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Rahan AvatarDexterity indicates a character's physical coordination, agility, and gracefulness. This trait measures your general physical prowess--speed, quickness, and agility. It indicates the capacity for moving precisely and manipulating objects with accuracy and grace. Dexterity includes hand-eye coordination, fine motor manipulation, reaction speed, reflexes, and bodily grace. It helps with and aids any task that requires calling for motor control and precision, from performing card tricks to shaking booty to handling the wheels to dodging the incoming to swinging the large cutlery and feeding knuckle sandwiches to those who sass you (Dexterity helps the chopping connect and to land the punch; Strength determines how much the carving stings and how much it hurts the punchee fellow whose nose got in the way). If you want to do backflips and cartwheels--or Jackie Chan your way around town or fight like Chow Yun-Fat or try those kewl moves you saw in The Matrix--you'd better go with and have a high Dexterity (and a much splashier wardrobe and some help from the script). 2 is the Human Average, and 6 is the normal Human Max (read: Bruce Lee in his prime). Every level up is generally considered twice as fast as the last level.

Level 1: Poor: The character is below average in this attribute. You are butterfingered, so don't use a chainsaw. Dexterity 1 indicates clumsiness, someone likely to drop things--not to be trusted with intricate and delicate manual work unless the person has trained very hard to do so or the job is irrelevant. Attributes at level one are dangerous at the big league level. In other words, attributes at level one are not flattering and are fairly incompetent. If your character has an attribute at level one, such a character is going to be pretty feeble at some things.

Level 2: Average: This is average for Human beings. You can chew gum and walk at the same time. Most people in any given group have attributes at this level, typically with one or two levels at one or three. Nothing wrong with being average, but the character is unlikely to shine with such attributes, unless his or her skills are so high he or she can compensate.

Level 3: Good: This is above average but not extraordinary. You have excellent raw athletic potential. Characters with Dexterity 3 are graceful--good when tripping the light fantastic (by that we mean good dancing partners), grabbed near the beginning in pick-up sports, and reasonably assured not to fall off horses, balance beams, and tables (yes, tables), unlikely to "drop the ball" or suffer from butter fingers or Klutz Syndrome when the party's butts are on the line.

Level 4: Exceptional: An attribute at level 4 is well above average. You can juggle five knives. Very few people, perhaps one out of every ten in a random group, have one or two attributes at this level. A Dexterity 4 would only be common among top amateur ball players, gymnasts, acrobats, dancers, sensei, and other talented and graceful individuals.

Level 5: Outstanding: This is the "practical" Human limit. You can juggle five knives while blind folded. People at these levels are extraordinarily talented, able to perform complex and difficult feats with little practice. While people with attributes at level five are not "record breakers," they are among the best and the brightest. In a small or medium-sized community, only a handful have one or two attributes at this level, and they are likely to be well known for their strength, wisdom, or toughness. Cities, large college campuses, and groups of Demon fighters and elite groups of knights or warriors have more of these extraordinary individuals, but even there they are not common.

Level 6: This is the basic true Human limit. A few people with "freakish" attributes may exceed it (to level seven), but they are a handful even among the teeming billions living in the 21st century. Characters with one or more attributes at level six are very rare, something on the order of one in ten thousand, or less. People with more than one attribute at level six are perhaps ten times less common, and so on.

Level 7+: Now we're into superhuman territory. This is generally reserved for things with red glowing eyes. Dexterity 8 covers the very best of the big cats, and a Dexterity 12 connotes inhuman, cat-like grace and so on... Well, you get the picture. These folks can perform at a level that normal folks can hardly comprehend. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Dexterity Table
Ranking Character
Joesph 11, Kyla (juiced) 16
Abby, Bo, Hannah, Walker, Zelgato
King, Kinji, Piccollo
Rahan, Raven, Renki'
Briok, Chief, Daniel, Donavon, Kat, Mike, Orion, Slane
Blaise, Freebird, Kaito, Kasu, Khali, Kyla, Lance, Tux (juiced)
Blackstar (wolf), Christian, Daerius, Edgar, Elranda, Fox, Mercy, Mike Wolf, Misty (wolf), Reh-Bah, Scythe, Trinity (ce)
Avius, Bean, Eimin, Eliza (ce), Issuria, Ryan, Trinity, Ukyo, Vent (Namek)
Blackstar, Dom, Eliza, Jenn, Misty, Sarah, Tux, Vent
Ark'ah'zahd, Evil Jack, Kenfu, Not, Shai
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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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