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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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Rahan AvatarCharacters with this Quality are tougher than nails (and presumably much bigger). Characters with this Quality are extremely tough and can withstand an amazing amount of damage before going down. Even after they are severely wounded, medical attention has a good chance of reviving them, scarred but alive. This Quality is bought in levels. Level five is the highest possible for human beings; Demons, Saiyajins, and Promised Ones and other supernatural beings can have more levels. Each level of Hard to Kill adds three Life Points to your character’s pool. Additionally, each level provides a +1 bonus to Survival Tests. Most every warrior in the brutal world of Rhy'Din and probably every character in the UGoI-ESF should have a few levels of this Quality--after all, nobody in the group gets killed by random punches, falls, or even throat slicing. If you have any Quality points left over, you should invest them here. Your character will thank you and be grateful and so will you.


Hard to Kill Table
Ranking Character
Abby, Bo, Hannah, Joesph, Kasu, King, Kinji, Piccollo, Rahan, Renki', Slane, Walker
Briok, Donavon, Raven, Reh-Bah, Tux (juiced)
Daniel, Kat
Avius, Christian, Daerius, Edgar, Freebird, Khali, Kyla, Lance, Mercy, Mike, Scythe, Tux, Trinity, Ukyo, Vent
Blaise, Dom, Sarah
Bean, Kaito, Mike Wolf, Not, Shai
Blackstar, Eimin, Jenn, Misty
Ark'ah'zahd, Eliza, Elranda, Fox, Ghost (already dead!), Issuria, Kenfu, Zelgato
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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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