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The measure of a character’s raw, brute physical power of a character, Strength governs how much damage the character inflicts with hand-to-hand weapons or with your fists and feet alone in a fight, and how much weight he or she can lift or carry, how much he can physically push and move obstacles, and helps determine how much of lickin’ he or she can take before collapsing. Strength is a physical attribute, and how hard he can hit another character or object. The higher your Strength is, the more punishing your blows are.

Strength is useful to people who do a lot of heavy lifting or anybody likely to enter close hand-to-hand combat—so yeah, that pretty much covers everyone in Rhy’Din City; the latter may occur often and is pretty much the norm. It is also used when a character wishes to break, lift, or carry something, as well as when a character tries to jump or leap a distance. A character may high jump (Strength x 10) inches and broad jump (Strength) yards. Double these numbers with a good running start. Anything greater requires the character to "push the limits" and attempt a Difficult Strength Task; each Success Level grants the character an effective +1 Strength for purposes of the jump only. A failure means the character miscalculated or stumbled. He jumps using an effective -2 Strength. This could prove disastrous. Characters apt to have a high Strength include athletes, warriors, manual workers and laborers, and soldiers. A low Strength indicates either small size and body weight (cough—Not Mousse—cough), or just a lack of exercise. Not too many gyms in medieval Rhy’Din, you know. Wee, frail, or small-body types and couch potatoes have low Strength. Generally, characters with High-Strength tend to be big and brawny, muscular and massive. That said, this is not always the case; the short and wiry type of folks can be surprisingly, even deceptively, strong, and can pack quite a punch.

The Strength Table notes Lifting Capacity, the amount a character of any given Strength can bear and dead lift without much effort. This load can be carried around for a while—but it’s gonna play havoc with a guy’s dance steps; carrying this much isn’t easy or fun and such encumbrance degrades dexterity.

A character can “push the limits” here, too, and try to lifting a more maximum lifting weight—for brief periods—is equal to double the Lifting Capacity by “pushing the limits” with a Simple Strength Test, but a nail might be broken or a spleen ruptured in the process. Lifting heroic amounts of weight too often leads to knee or back injuries. Not recommended that he do that often—could blow out a knee or bust a gut. Should only be done often by those who enjoy watching their intestines herniate out all over their new khakis. Such a weight significantly slows and encumbers a body. Every Success Level achieved allows the character to lift an additional 10% of his maximum lifting weight. This effort costs the character D4(2) points of Endurance for every Success Level in the Test. A failure on the Strength Test causes D4(2) Life Points of damage — the character strained himself and tore something up. . .

Reduce the maximum weight by one tenth when throwing something. Carrying capacity, the maximum amount of weight the character can carry without losing much speed or agility, is one half of aathe maximum lifting capacity.

Character Name
Edgar (15), Fox (18), Rhine (15), Xeron (15),
Briok (Dragon soul)
Artanis, Donavon, Jade
Briok, Hannah
Abby, Avius (Garou), Bo, Charity, Renki', Walker (demon)
Joesph, Kinji, Nameless Namek, Rahan (berserk), Raven (succubus form), Skorpion, Walker, Zaike, Zelgato
Aditi, Chief, Daerius, Damian, Jin (dragon), Kat, Leon, Nick, Porthos, The Saint, Valheru,
Aries, Asia, Bahn, Cherrie, Jetta, King, (Dragon)Lance, Lance Stark, Noctem, Sayomi, Sodo, Thesulac Demon, Trinity
Aizo, Belldandy, Blackstar (wolf), Evil Jack, Freebird, Illyana, Jax, Laocorn (wolf), Lilly, Mike Giovanni, Mercy (wolf), Rahan, The Tux (berserk),
Avius, Effron, Eimin, Kasu, Mike Wolf (berserk), Olivia, Quinn (wolf), Raven
Issuria, Joshua, Melurite, Reh-Bah, Sabrina, Shadow, The Tux, Zak (namek)
Bean, Gideon, Daniel, Delia, Cassandra, Christian, Jin, Khali, Kyla, Mike Wolf, Natsumi, Scythe, Zak
Amy, Arcane, Blackstar (human), Ghost, Jeshika (human), Laocorn, Mercy (human), Reader
Amelia, Ark'ah'zahd, Ashley (Jurai armor), Beth, Eden, Jackie, Kyleia, Quinn, Sarah,
Ashley, Jeshika (cat)


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