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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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Rahan AvatarThis attribute measures your character's mental strength and self-control, and the ability to resist fear, intimidation, and temptation. If you don't want to run away screaming like a little girl the first time a Vamp flashes its fangs at you, Willpower is your friend. The pros don't get too bent out of shape when a Vamp flashes its fangs, but there're things out there much wilder and woollier than that. When your character runs into that kinda heat, Willpower is his friend. Any supernatural ability that tries to control or influence victims is resisted by Willpower. That’s damn important when a demon bites your pink parts and tries to infect your brain. A strong-willed person might be able to confine the Demon to a single limb (oh, say your hand), or maybe can re-exert control after a short time (though that’s very rare—most jokers fold like a house of cards when Demon spit gets in their veins). It can also be used to intimidate and dominate others through sheer force of will. Willpower is also good for taming uppity yokels. Use it to intimidate and dominate the primitive apes around you. Willpower represents a character's inner will, fortitude, and resolve. The higher a character's Willpower, the less likely she is to jbe swayed from her personal code of morality. Characters with high Willpower are marked by their fierce dedication to any goal they set for themselves. Willpower ranges from 1 to 10.

Level 1: The character is below average in this attribute. One indicates weak-willed person. Willpower 1 results in a person who is easily intimidated and influenced by others, a follower instead of a leader, and somebody who is likely to succumb to temptation. Attributes at level one are dangerous at the big league level. In other words, attributes at level one are not flattering and are fairly incompetent. If your character has an attribute at level one, such a character is going to be pretty feeble at some things.

Level 2: This is average for Human beings. Most people in any given group have attributes at this level, typically with one or two levels at one or three. Nothing wrong with being average, but the character is unlikely to shine with such attributes, unless his or her skills are so high he or she can compensate.

Level 3: This is above average but not extraordinary. Characters with Willpower 3 are rarely bluffed or bullied under normal circumstances.

Level 4: An attribute at level 4 is well above average. Very few people, perhaps one out of every ten in a random group, have one or two attributes at this level. Mental attriutes at level 4 indicate near genius (Intelligence), very highly acute uncanny senses and intuition (Perception), or an "iron will" (Willpower). Not too many of those types in this game, sugar.

Level 5: This is the "practical" Human limit. People at these levels are extraordinarily talented, able to perform complex and difficult feats with little practice. While people with attributes at level five are not "record breakers," they are among the best and the brightest. In a small or medium-sized community, only a handful have one or two attributes at this level, and they are likely to be well known for their strength, wisdom, or toughness. Cities, large college campuses, and groups of Demon fighters and elite groups of knights or warriors have more of these extraordinary individuals, but even there they are not common.

Level 6: This is the basic true Human limit. A few people with "freakish" attributes may exceed it (to level seven), but they are a handful even among the teeming billions living in the 21st century. Characters with one or more attributes at level six are very rare, something on the order of one in ten thousand, or less. People with more than one attribute at level six are perhaps ten times less common, and so on.

Level 7+: Now we're into superhuman territory. This is generally reserved for things with red glowing eyes. 10 indicates a person who's will is unshakable, and... Well, you get the picture. These folks can perform at a level that normal folks can hardly comprehend. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Willpower Table
Ranking Character
Kasu (tokimi): 13
Ark'ah'zahd, Donavon, Piccollo, Renki', Slane, Trinity (ce)
Abby, Bo, Chief, Christian, Hannah, Joesph, Khali, Kyla, Rahan, Scythe, Trinity
Daerius, Edgar, Eimin, Eliza (ce), Evil Jack, Fox, Issuria, Mike Wolf, Orion, Reh-Bah, Ryan, Zelgato
Avius, Blackstar, Daniel, Eliza, Elranda, Freebird, Ghost, Jenn, Kat, Kenfu, King, Kinji, Lance, Mercy, Mike, Not, Raven, Shai, Tux, Vent
Bean, Blaise, Briok, Dom, Kaito, Sarah, Ukyo
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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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