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Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

Gear of the Earth Special Forces

Rahan AvatarPersonal weaponry on Rhy'Din Island is very similar to that used in the 20th century. The majority of handguns and rifles are the same brands that people used in the 1990s—Beretta pistols, Colt M16 rifles, AK-47s, Ingram M-10, Uzi submachine guns, etc. A new generation of arms from Seburo, based on the FN P-90 submachine gun, has been developed and reached the Earth Special Forces.


Standard UGoI Weapons and Armor

ESF Badge: Their insignia is a gold shield worn on the shoulder.


Uniform: An ordinary UGoI officer on street duty wears a uniform (pants for men, long skirt for women). Detectives wear plain clothes in most circumstances, and do not usually carry a club. Motorcycle patrols wear helmets. Everyone can wear aa gas mask, of course, to protect themselves against bacterial clouds.

The standard Night Parade uniform consists of the same dark black shirt, black trousers, and black boots. Officers usually wear a black T-shirt underneath (Walker often lounges around with the T-shirt only). Their daily uniforms are slightly different (no metal insignia to catch on the inside of a tank, for example).


"Cufftapers": These create plastic-tape handcuffs. Wach handcuff holder contains eight meters of tape. The tape is made of special fibers that cannot be cut by most knives—you have to melt them off using a laser tuned to a specific wavelength. Tape handcuffs allow an officer to easily take multiple suspects into custody at one time. The tagger unit contains a passive IC for unit identification.


Seburo M5

Type: Pistol
Weight: 2.09 lbs (0.95 kg)
7 in (17.8 cm)
Barrel length(s):
3.5 in (8.89 cm)
19+1 rounds
Feed System: Double-stack magazine
Fire Modes:

A compact semi-autmatic SA/DA conceal-carry pistol handgun that uses a locked-breech operating via a rotating barrel which fires one bullet per pull of the trigger. It is chambered for 5.45x18mm round, and feeds from a double-stack magazine with a total capacity of 19+1 rounds.


Seburo MN-23

Type: Assault Rifle
5.56x45mm NATO
Weight: 6.3lb (2.85kg)
21.1 in (53.8 cm)
Barrel length(s):
10.4 in (26.4 cm)
21-Round magazine
Feed System: 25-round box magazine (proprietary non-STANAG)
Fire Modes:
Semi-Auto/3-Round Burst/Full-Auto (1000 RPM)

A 5.56 mm bullpup assault rifle capable of firing lethal rounds as well as being a multipurpose, non-lethal weapon, firing a variety of stun bullets, gas shells, tracker tags, and anesthetic rounds. These rifles are capable of auto-fire in bursts of three or more bullets per pull of the trigger (or fire continuously when the trigger is held down). Most have high-gloss finish so criminals will see that the ESF are armed. In the case of the MN-23, a video-gun camera is activated as soon as the safety is released, capturing the entire field of fire. The MN-23 also comes with a flashlight and knife built in. The guns are usually attached to the officer’s belt by an elastic cord. It’s not a good idea to blast away inside police headquarters, but in any case, most officers usually go unarmed.


Billy Club: A three-section sliding duraluminum shaft (35-85cm). Police gloves are made of special fibers resistant to most cutting objects, eliminating the need for a handguard. Remove the handle cap and you can use it as a screwdriver (straight blade) or crowbar. Officers don't like them because they get in the way. In fact, many have found a useful life as clothes hangers in officers' lockers. They are rarely carried on the beat and are clipped beside the driver's seat when riding in patrol cars.


Knife: A folding blade mini-knife in the emergency-medical-kit tradition, including tweezers and small scissors, a mini-saw, and mini-pliers. This gets used about as often as the billy club. It's like that other white elephant, the SWAT knife—more useful for going out camping with the kids than for real combat.


Repoboard: As the name suggests, an electronic notepad for writing up police reports that is as powerful as today's fastest personal computers. Not the same as a police notebook.


Notebook: This is the famous police notebook. It's actually a form of personal ID card instead of an actual, electronic notebook. All officers carry this at all times, even when off duty (but not, of course, when working undercover). It has a black-and-white, two-tone color scheme with gold lettering.


Communicator: A small, lightweight card that many officers clip to their police notebook. You can also connect it to external microphones, earphones, and other peripherals. Since the communicator itself has a limited range, you use the patrol-car communicator or public circuits to establish a network. You can also expect to see one in your neighborhood gadget store real soon.


Police Cars: These cars are used by the UGoI. The standard vehicle is compact with only two doors, but it does seat four people comfortably.

Additional ESF Gear

Bullet-Proof Vest: This is a light-weight ballistic-fiber "flak jacket" made of Kevlar or its equivalent, often worn by street cops and ESF officers. It reduces attack damage and can be concealed under a jacket or coat..


Remington 700 PSS

Type: Sniper Rifle
.300 Winchester Magnum or 308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO)
Barrel length(s): 24 in(60.96 cm)
3, 4, 5, 6 (internal) / 5, 10 (box magazine)
Fire Modes: Bolt Action

A high-powered bolt-action hunting rifle with telescopic sight. These rifles are issued to ESF snipers, and fire heavier bullets than the normal assault rifle.


Grenades: The Earth Special Forces favor a traditional spherical grenade with grip and safety pin attached (pull the pin, release the grip, and the grenade explodes a few seconds later—effectively in the same round as the grenade is thrown). There are several types of hand grenades. Concussion grenades are filled with high explosives, and are used by the Night Parade to interrogate criminals at HQ. Tear Gas and Flash-Bang grenades are used to break up crowds or disable suspects without harming them greatly (or, more importantly, hostages held next to them). Non-lethal smoke grenades that cover a 10-meter radius with thick chemical smoke are also available.


ESF Armored Personnel Carrier: Based off of the Ratel Command (albeit blue), these APCs are used by the UGoI's Earth Special Forces team. An APC carried a squad of officers and their equipment. They are lighter and less armored than tanks, often being open topped and featuring doors and windows.

Additional Night Parade Gear

ESF Body Armor: The standard armor worn by the tank battalion consists of a rigid back-and-breast plate made from a mix of ceramics, alloy, and bio-plastics used in the bio-tanks. This is a complex bio-mimetic synthetic similar to the resin-hardened para-aramid fibers (like Kevlar) used in ballistic vests, although much thicker and tougher, backed by high-impact plastics. The armor cannot be concealed under normal clothing, and this is useless while under cover. Putting on the armor requires at least three rounds, and the armor is sufficiently heavy that a character suffers a penalty on any movement-oriented stat or skill (such as Acrobatics or Dancing). This armor cannot be worn inside a mecha that has reduced capacity. Tank crew may also wear a special headband that incorporates a headset radio, onto which the gas mask and (if desired) a clear plastic face plate can be clipped.



Patrol Tank: The Night Parade tank, sometimes called a "Patrol Tank", is the mainstay of the ESF's tank battalion. With its 105mm cannon and thick bulletproof armor, these blue-painted behemoths are capable of striking fear into the hears of lawbreakers and citizens alike. Patrol tanks are similar to military tanks, but with a few distinct differences. The most important is that a patrol tank's hull is built of hardened bio-plastics and synthetics (such as resin-bonded para-aramid fibers). This makes it much cheaper than a military tank, and is the main reason that the UGoI-ESF can afford its own arsenal of armored fighting vehicles. Use of bio-plastics also makes the tank somewhat harder to spot on radar, and greatly reduces its weight, which makes it easier to tow a damaged tank. More importantly, it also reduces ground pressure, so that the tank is less likely to tear up the road. The heavy use of bio-plastics does have two drawbacks, however. First, unlike steel, the tank's structure can melt in a high-temperature fire. Additionally, its light weight makes it less stable than a similarly sized metal tank—a big explosion or collision could cause it to flip over. Patrol tanks are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Patrol Tanks' track systems are unique: It has four rather than two sets of tracks, and the rear tracks can be tilted up or down for extra traction or to provide a "lift off" that enables it to scale nearly all obstacles or even jump! Since Patrol Tanks use tracks rather than rollers, it does damage to city roads, although its compactness results in fewer toppled buildings (so on the whole, it does no more damage than a bio-tank.) Its small size and high maneuverability make it better suited for urban combat than the old bio-tank.

Patrol Tanks have two features that make it especially suited for police work. First, it possesses a very sophisticated sensor suite that includes night vision, low-light television cameras, and thermal imaging gear that enables both the driver and the commander to see in the dark. The sensor suite also includes an explosive scanner that can detect conventional anti-tank mines or other plastic explosives, and a sound detector that can categorize and analyze noises within a range of about one city block. It is sensitive enough that it can tell the difference between similar sounds, such as a gunshot or a car backfiring, and by comparing vehicle noises (such as the "whoop whoop" of a helicopter or the sound of a car engine) to its onboard computer database, it can even give a general idea of the type of machine that is producing the sounds.

A second ideal design element is the Patrol Tank's gun. This stubby, short-barreled 105mm cannon does not have the sheer power of the 150mm guns used on bio-tanks, but it is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition, including non-lethal glue and stun rounds. Secondary weapons include 12.7mm (0.50-caliber) multi-barrel Gatling guns (for anti-helicopter fire), and a set of smoke grenade launchers intended to create an obscuring smoke cloud around the tank.



They have regular access to assault rifles, submachine guns, guns, grenades, and body armor, much like the ESF officers.


Part of the Black Shirt Gang!
Main - Fellowship of the Holy Beacon

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